Tech Trends for a post COVID-19 world

Tech Trends for a post COVID-19 world
Although the emergence of the Coronavirus this year has altered many peoples lives for the worse, there are many benefits that have occurred in the digital world. Some of these include the use of video conferencing, remote workers, and digitalised working methods. It has always been a future inevitability that digital tools would enhance the workforce and become a normal aspect of any company. But the speed at which this has happened over this last year has sped that natural progression up to unprecedented adaptation. The year 2020 has seen processes and methods of business develop rapidly causing many innovations and developments in technology to emerge when they weren’t predicted to at the start of the year.

We have seen a huge surge in the use of online entertainment this year. From online streaming, to games and everything in between, businesses in these sectors have blossomed and the accelerated demand for such things can only bolster innovation and development in these industries. On the other side of the spectrum, automation is increasing across many industries, notably in factories and supply chains. Many companies are updating and building new factories which can keep up with the constant changes the virus has brought about. One of the most important changes that has surfaced, however, is the new technologies created for a socially distant world.

Social distancing and technology

Not only does social distancing change the way we communicate and interact with other people, but also the ways we use technology. Socially distanced people are more likely to be working remotely, which means that their systems and platforms that they use are also remote, with different security. This has given rise to more people learning IT and security protocols so that their remote work will still be protected.

However, the biggest changes due to a socially distant population are seen in the service industries. Restaurants are learning to utilise digital technologies so that they can remain profitable even without physical customers in their restaurants. Online shopping has now extended to most things being available online. On top of that, supermarkets are delivering fresh groceries straight to customers doors. These changes, although predicted to happen at some point, have been accelerated due to many cities and countries entering lockdowns and social distancing and are expected to remain active even when social distancing has been decreased.

How COVID 19 affects the future of business

Over this past year, COVID-19 has influenced many companies and industries in unexpected ways. Even though many industries were already on the track for innovations, the time to market has jumped considerably. There is no doubt that the virus has changed the way the world has functioned over 2020 and can continue well into the future, but in some ways, these changes were an inevitable product of the future.

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