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Innovation is the backbone of any company or business that strives to succeed in today’s world of ever developing technology. No matter the market that your business works in, innovation is essential to growth and capturing market relevance. Sometimes, this growth needs external funding to ensure the end goals can be reached. This means that the more a company knows about their options, the more successful they will be.


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Venture Campus has the team that can understand complex ideas, no matter how scattered or unfinished they are and glean the potential beneath it. From there, the team of experts make it their mission to take the idea and form it into a concise, clear and approachable project. This is often the last ingredient that businesses need to become successful – the right way to sell their idea.


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What's the cost of hiring Venture Campus for funding my project?

We work with the no-cure, no-pay principle for most subsidy applications. This means that you only have to pay if the subsidy is awarded.

Does Venture Campus also work with start-ups?

Definitely! Startups are part of our regular customer base. We often provide leverage through subsidies on capital increases by investors.

What's the succes ratio of Venture Campus' funding services?

Just because we work via the no-cure, no-pay principle, where we are only paid for success, our success ratio is high. If we believe in your project, we do so based on our expertise with hundreds of other clients.

How can I check is my project is eligible for funding?

We analyze for free whether your project qualifies for subsidies. This can be done by telephone, via a video call or even via our subsidy radar.

I want to hire Venture Campus for my project, what's the first step?

We are happy to discuss the possibilities for subsidy in person. After signing the agreement, our work will start with the aim of submitting within 60-90 days. Contact us today to start your grant application!


Our Satisfied Clients


What immediately gave me a good impression was the fact that Venture Campus went very deeply into the matter and also gave suggestions to make the project even stronger.

Marc Hallez, CEO
01 / 02

Venture Campus ensured that the idea, with all its facets, fitted perfectly into the innovative project and mapped out the most efficient process for us.

Jonathan Goderis
02 / 02

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