Human AI collaboration

Human AI collaboration
As developments and advances in the technology behind AI continue to expand, many people have the common worry that the future will become something from a dystopian sci-fi film. Many people have wild predictions that the AI that we have developed will one day rise up and render us humans as useless biological systems that they can succeed much faster or better without. And even though this is an obvious overstatement, the general idea is fairly commonplace within many communities. The biggest fear is often that AI and advancing technology will replace workers and their jobs will become automatic, carried out by smart technology and Artificial intelligence.

As much as this is a reality we all must face, it isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, many mundane jobs that are simple ‘paying the bills’ kind of jobs can be effectively replaced, which gives these people more opportunities to develop and land more rewarding jobs. On the other side of this, the more we automate simple tasks, the more creative the human can become, which can bolster the effectiveness of the AI. Moreover, we mustn’t forget the role the human worker plays in the development and creation of such technology. Remember that it takes years to correctly train the simplest of chat bots to be non-critical and helpful in a non-aggressive or bossy way. Without the creativity and compassion of the human mind, the AI technology would be something of nightmares. In essence, the key to the future is the combination of AI and humans working together with their respective abilities complimenting each other.

What this means for the future

Where AI can outperform human abilities, the future of technology lies. Having said that, the capacity and creative intelligence of the human brain is still incredibly difficult to replicate. This means that the future is increasingly likely to be developed with human minds and AI technology working together.

One such example of machines and humans working together is in the development of self-driving cars. This technology is yet to be mastered, but when it is completely safe, a new age of mobility will emerge. From there, the ability for blind people to drive is just around the corner. Imagine the independence this collaboration can bring. Another form of AI and human intersection is in the creation of human-AI partners as chess players where the creativity and intuition of a human chess player adds to the computing abilities of AI in order to win chess games. This technology could have valuable cross industry implications in the future.


This brings us to the topic of ‘superteams’, teams made up from AI and humans working together in business. This business practice is based on the assumption that smart technologies and AI can become valuable members of teams in companies and can become part of company ecosystems. This collaboration between machines and humans means that businesses can reinvent the ways that they carry out their work which, in turn strengthens the productivity of said companies.

What this means for businesses

This alliance between machines and humans is something that has been an inevitable conclusion that many people and businesses made many years ago. The interesting thing is that many businesses wouldn’t have envisioned this fusion to be quite so routine. I think many of us pictured the machines working on one aspect and only in controlled environments or industries. Yet the future that we are approaching is that machines have every capability to become our colleagues, which is a somewhat novel idea.

Regardless of how out of the box this idea may be, it’s surely innovative!

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