ESF Grants


ESF subsidies for training and career policy

ESF (European Social Fund), together with Flanders, invests in job opportunities and quality careers for Flemish companies.

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the main European instrument that supports employment; to help people find better employment and to ensure fairer employment opportunities for all EU citizens. ESF publishes frequent calls for training in companies (both internal and external) and career policy.

The support amounts (subsidies) vary between 60.000 Euro and 100.000 Euro depending on the call. A private contribution from the Flemish company is always required. There are several calls per year (2021,2022,2023, …) with strict deadlines.

The ESF conditions are set up in such a way that, in principle, every company with 50 to 100 employees is eligible for the payroll. Venture Campus has already helped dozens of companies with the ESF project application for the settlement of the ESF files. We will write the file in consultation with those responsible within your company.

Why ESF subsidies via Venture Campus?

Veture Campus assists you from A to Z in submitting and processing your ESF grant files for training and career development. We work for the majority of our compensation on a no-cure, no-pay basis, which means we take the risk together with you.

How does the procedure for an ESF subsidy work?

Venture Campus writes, in consultation with your employees, the ESF project application from start to finish. We also prepare everything for the ESF application by the deadline of the call. Exactly 3 months after the expiry of the deadline you will receive the project order (approved or rejected) in the ESF application. Upon approval, the ESF project can start and we will guide you further with the interim reporting up to and including the payment of the very last installment of the ESF subsidy.

Who is eligible for an ESF subsidy?

Every company with employees on the payroll in Flanders is eligible for an ESF subsidy. From practical experience we notice that ESF-files are especially suitable for companies upwards of 50 employees. There are no limits for large companies or multinationals, only more detailed input is required. Venture Campus will gladly discuss with you your plans in the area of HR and training and see if an appropriate ESF call has been opened. First and foremost, we put together an ESF budget file to see if the budgeting for your company is feasible.


For every company

No restrictions on sectors. From non-profit to profit and for every industry.


Limited administration

Via the digital ESF platform, even for time sheet reporting.


High chances of success

Thanks to our many years of success with ESF grants


Combinable with other subsidie

For example, with innovation grants for SMEs


What our clients say

"We weren't all too sure if we were eligible for grants from the government for our newest project. Venture Campus did the research and got us successfully funded!"

Gil Dejonghe
CEO at Smile Safari

"Venture Campus transformed our concept into a successful subsidy application. In addition, the collaboration was completely no cure, no pay. A genuine no-brainer for us."

Boris Bogaert
CEO at Pitchdrive

Focus on what matters, we'll take care of the hassle

Personal support for your projects
Free assessment of unlimited projects
+10 years experience in SME funding
No cure - no pay
Over 120 funded cases
85% succes ratio
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Venture Campus makes the difference you need

What's the cost of hiring Venture Campus for funding my project?

We work with the no-cure, no-pay principle for most subsidy applications. This means that you only have to pay if the subsidy is awarded.

Does Venture Campus also work with start-ups?

Definitely! Startups are part of our regular customer base. We often provide leverage through subsidies on capital increases by investors.

What's the succes ratio of Venture Campus' funding services?

Just because we work via the no-cure, no-pay principle, where we are only paid for success, our success ratio is high. If we believe in your project, we do so based on our expertise with hundreds of other clients.

How can I check is my project is eligible for funding?

We analyze for free whether your project qualifies for subsidies. This can be done by telephone, via a video call or even via our subsidy robot.

I want to hire Venture Campus for my project, what's the first step?

We are happy to discuss the possibilities for subsidy in person. After signing the agreement, our work will start with the aim of submitting within 60-90 days. Contact us today to start your grant application!